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Just when you think things are calming down, ready to take a breath, relax, that’s when the wheels of creativity take over. In my case, what’s next. Which way do I take the product lines. What’s needed in the ever changing outdoor enthusiast gear arsenal; back to looking in the mirror.

After 20 years of making gear, I sometimes have to remind myself of the basics:

Keep it simple: if it takes a more than a half page of instructions, don't make it

What’s missing out there: Made in the USA basic products.

Can it be made here? If we take it slow and develop the skills in our work force, yes!

Can the product help keep someone safe or safer?

Is it environmentally friendly ?

Can it be made without the consumer sacrificing there first born to obtain it in a day where manufacturers pricing is controlled by other countries who now realize we don’t have the skills to produce our own inventories.

This is my promise. I will keep the gear I design made here in the USA, train or find skilled Americans who need more work, develop products that are simple, environmentally friendly, at reasonable prices to help you enjoy the outdoors.

"Chef Paul" Fitzner


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