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Backpacking Gear Reviews

Backpacking gear reviews for Etowah Outfitters reveal some very satisfied hikers. We specialize in ultralight weight stoves and tarps with an emphasis on quality. The pages listed below will take you to links across the web.

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Solid Fuel and Alcohol Stove Reviews

Backpacking Gear Reviews for Etowah Stoves

At this time Etowah Outfitters manufactures two stoves. One is the renown Etowah II, used by many long distance hikers and prized for its dependability, durability and light weight. The other is a solid fuel platform meant more for short trips to heat drinks or noodles.

Outdoor Gear Search

Tarp Reviews

Reviews for Etowah Tarps.

You can tell a more experienced backpacker by his choice of shelter. The greenhorn usually thinks he needs a complete enclosure. A properly set up tarp offers protection from the elements and allows you to still be in the outdoors. I would rather sit under my tarp in the rain, cooking a cup of tea than be enclosed in a tent waiting for the storm to pass.

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