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A Backpacking Magazine
Etowah Outfitters' Buzz

This backpacking magazine, The Etowah Buzz will present info on backpacking and camping in a unique way. There will be coverage of the usual topics: ultralight backpacking gear, hiking tips, adventure, travel, trails, wildlife and many other fun and interesting topics.

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Etowah at Arches National Park

I know, so far we sound the same as every other outdoor periodical on the planet. Here is the difference. Etowah Outfitters' Buzz will focus on what everyone else is saying about these topics. A significant amount of the material will be brought in by feeds from across the web. This means the pages will change from time to time as new videos and blog pages are published out across the net. Here are some examples for the topic "backpacker magazine"


Ultralight Backpacking Equipment
Ultralight backpacking equipment kit would include a tarp and backpack made of a modern, extremely light weight material.... Total weight of the base kit should be well short of fifteen pounds....

Backpacking Recipes for your Adventure Outdoors
Recipes from Idaho State University Super Power Bars, Chicken Rice Almomondine, Turkey Tetrazini, Cashew Rice Curry. Hungry yet?... There are also vegetarian backpacking recipes, book reviews and videos.

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