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Backpacking Recipes for Your Ultralight Backpacking Menu

The best backpacking recipes for your adventure outdoors. Here are some delicious backpacking food ideas to help you eat well and backpack light on your wilderness journey.

We will start with some recipes from the good folks at Idaho State University. The link will take you off site but we are sure you will be back. You will want to read Matt Stone's backpacking recipes from the excerpt of his book "Go Backpacking!" There are also recipes from Vegetarian Times magazine and videos to give you ideas for backpacking meals.

Recipes from Idaho State University

Super Power Bars, Chicken Rice Almomondine, Turkey Tetrazini, Cashew Rice Curry. Hungry yet? I noticed a couple of these recipes called for canned chicken or turkey. You will probably be able to find pouches in your local market which may save you some weight. Backpacking recipes from Idaho State University

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Vegetarian Recipes

Below is an article from an August 1991 Vegetarian Times I found while researching this page. The print is a little fuzzy in places but you can zoom in for a better view. The article starts below the picture. Besides recipes there are ideas for shopping storing, cooking, snacks and quick instant meals for those days when the trail has been hard on you. "A Backpacker's Guide to Vegetarian Meals," August 1991 Vegetarian Times, pp 60 - 65.

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Books with Backpacking Food Ideas

Go Backpacking! By Matt Stone

I have enjoyed reading the excerpt available for this book on the net. The recipes are pretty good. One note on interpretation. I believe he uses a capital "T" for tablespoon and a lowercase "t" for teaspoon in his directions.

Get Go Backpacking! By Matt Stone from Amazon Books.

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Recipe Videos for Backpackers

Here are a few videos to help you with ideas for backpacking meals.


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Hopefully this page of backpacking recipes will give you enough information so that your scary stories around the campfire will be about the wildlife, not the food. :)

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