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Ultralight tarps for outdoorsmen. Don't wear yoursef out with extra weight. Take o the woods with an Etowah Outfitters ultralight tarp.

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Etowah Backbacking Adventure Gear Store

Buy direct from the Etowah Backpacking Adventure Gear Store

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Alcohol Stoves

'Etowah 2'

Alcohol stoves for hikers. Solid, rugged and reliable for your ultralight backpacking backwoods adventure.

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Whats New

What's new at Etowah Outfitters

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Gear for Adventure

The best gear for adventure is likely already in your possession. In their quest for excitement there are all sorts of adventure sports people pursue. The equipment for these range from little of nothing to a multi-million dollar kit. Since this site is about ultralight backpacking I will try not to wonder far from the topic of camping. There may be some meandering though.

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Camping Gear Outlets

Lists of camping gear outlets. If you are looking for a local or online supplier of camping equipment these lists should help.

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Backpacking Magazine

This backpacking magazine, Etowah Outfitters Buzz will present info on backpacking and camping in a unique way.

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New Zealand Earthquake Videos at Christchurch

In New Zealand an earthquake struck Christchurch. Magnitude of 6.3 with aftershocks exceeding 5. Buildings toppled, streets littered with crushed cars. Feeds for current videos, blogs, news and quake survival info.

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How to Backpack

How to backpack tips including what and how to pack, links to videos,ideas on where to go and more in the Etowah Outfitters backpacking magazine

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Silicon Tarps

Ultralight silicon tarps for the serious long distance hiker.

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Outdoor Gear Catalog

Outdoor Gear Catalog for the ultralight backpacker. Specialty tarps. Alcohol stoves and more.

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Ultralight Backpack

Etowah's super ultralight backpack, weighing 10 ounces, comes in two styles. The Whisper and The Pout.

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Outdoor News

Outdoor news for backpacking, camping, outdoor sports and anyone who prefers outside to inside.

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Backpacking Recipes for Your Ultralight Backpacking Menu

The best backpacking recipes for your adventure outdoors. Backpacking food ideas to help you eat well and backpack light on your wilderness journey.

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Backpacking Tarps: Super Ultralight Backpacking Tips

The best backpacking tarps for lightweight backpacking and hiking weigh well less than a pound, are designed for quick and easy setup and are easy to repair in the field.

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