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Gear for Adventure

The best gear for adventure is likely already in your possession. In their quest for excitement there are all sorts of adventure sports people pursue. The equipment for these range from little of nothing to a multi-million dollar kit. Since this site is about ultralight backpacking I will try not to wonder far from the topic of camping. There may be some meandering though.

If by adventure you mean an exciting excursion or activity you have been dreaming about then you can find the things you need in the appropriate catalog or make them your self. It may be as simple as a waterproof match box or a poncho. A home made pack or an ultralight tarp made from space age material. Acquiring the gear builds anticipation. The process makes the whole trip more enjoyable.

Another definition for our topic is an unexpected occurrence. Something unforeseen. Its the storm that blows in early dumping a foot or two of snow. The tumble off the path that leaves you or your partner injured. It could be any of a hundred things.

For such a happening the real gear for adventure camping is between your ears. Its thinking ahead. Asking yourself questions and answering them.

  • What's the worse that could happen?
  • How can I use my equipment to deal with it?
  • How have others been hurt in the area you are traveling to?
Look at the gear you have and ask yourself how else can this be used? A plate or cup can be used as a shovel in a pinch. That ultralight tarp might be used to pull a friend to safety who has slipped off an edge. A topographic map might show a short way to a road when someone is injured. Did you at least look at it before you left?

Know what the weather will be or could be. Will a storm produce flash floods here? Is the area known for rock slides. Is there a fire hazard. Which way would you go? Do you need a heavier sleeping bag or an extra blanket. Rain gear? A better pair of shoes? Can you get the stove to light in the rain?

Recreation is when the trip goes as planned. Adventure is when the unexpected occurs and you are ready for it. Tragedy is when for lack of a match or dry clothes you fall to hyperthermia in a cold spring rain.

Your best gear for adventure will always be right there between your ears. Think about it. Prepare for what you can. Go, and have fun.

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