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Etowah Outfitters is a southern manufacturing company which specializes in ultralight backpacking, bushcraft and adventure gear such as solid fuel and alcohol stoves, ultralight weight tarps and tents, rain gear, Rainwraps, and stuff bags used in boy scouts, adventure racing, backpacking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, adventure travel and outdoor sports. No matter what kind of outdoor activity from day hiking to woman adventure travel, our equipment and products can lighten your load and enhance your outdoor experience.


Etowah Outfitters came into existence in 1991 when as a addicted backpacker, I came to the conclusion, my pack was way too heavy. I longed for the days when as a teenager my pack never seemed to weigh more than 30lbs., not even on week long hikes. After looking at an old pack list, I realized the problem; more gear ,more toys, and more weight. The backpack had turned into a three bedroom condo.

I remembered how simple it was, grabbing the pack, sleeping bag and pad, the small pot, with fork and spoon, water bottle(actually a canteen), food, change of clothes, poncho, and a tarp with ground cloth to start a new adventure. Off, I would go!

What happened? How did backpacking get so complicated? For me, it was simple, I was taking a bit too much of home with me. I had gotten use to items and gadgets to make my time more pleasurable, and forgotten that there was a price, more weight.

The focus of our small company has always been to make simple gear as light as durability will allow with maximum functionality for the outdoors. This is our passion. Things has changed and will continue to change in the outdoor industry, but one principle still holds true, simply made gear will always be the pieces that will never let you down, break, or shred in a time of need.

Thank you for the privilege of providing simple gear for the last thirty plus years. We look forward to providing ultralight camping gear for many, many, more.

"Chef Paul"Fitzner Etowah Outfitters

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